Each year at the Culver Academies is an important year. 

Underclassmen uniform sessions are a great way to remember all the little things about each year. We'll walk around to some of the student's favorite spots on campus, and we'll make sure we stop by some of the more iconic Culver spots, like Logansport gate. Students may bring all of their uniforms--even athletics--or just their favorite Class As. These sessions are all about the students and their favorite things about Culver. The session includes a 10x10 professionally-printed session album, which is a great way for students to show off their underclassmen years and document their personal changes while at Culver.  

BOOKING  |  To book a session, please email me at danielle@daniellemavrick.com. The full session fee is due upon booking, and payments are accepted via check or credit card.