To offer each family a fully-personalized experience, I offer two types of photography service—a service designed with specific final products in mind and a session designed to produce a gallery of digital files.  

For clients with specific products needs, such as a large canvas over the mantle or an album for the coffee table, I like to begin the photography process with the end in mind. Before the session, the client and I build the vision for the session style, including family wardrobe, session location, and time of day. Clients will also preview, in person, all of the products I offer: museum grade framed wall art, fine art gift print collections, and heirloom albums (with a lifetime warranty sourced locally in Indiana). Clients begin to build a list of products that suit their specific needs and wants. After the session, I handle the wall or album design, fine art printing, custom framing, and delivery of the final products. A full pricing menu is available by request using the form below.

Other clients prefer to have access to the digital files so they may handle design, printing, and framing themselves. They have the time to invest in the process of creating the wall art, albums, and gift prints that they envision, and they enjoy doing it. For these clients, I offer the digital image gallery for $500, which includes the best 30 hand-edited images from the session, printing rights for those images, and suggestions for places clients can print the best consumer-grade products. Use the form below for any questions or to book. 

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